How to Do the ASAE Annual Meeting Like a Pro

Attending the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition is often the highlight of the year for many association professionals. It offers us the opportunity to expose ourselves to new ideas and new people, and it’s often the shot-in-the-arm to come back to our jobs with a new sense of motivation and drive. If you’re new to the conference, the size and scope of the event can be a little overwhelming at first. But don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your time and your organization’s investment in the biggest association event of the year!

Networking at ASAE 2018

For many, networking is the number-one reason to attend the Annual ASAE Conference. But networking starts well before the actual conference begins. In order to meet the people who inspire you the most, reach out to them beforehand via email or social media to see if there’s a good time to meet up. After all, this conference is about sharing ideas, so most of the marketing or membership All-Stars at the conference are likely more than willing to connect with another passionate association executive.

If you’re traveling to the conference alone, don’t worry about not knowing anyone. The association industry is one of the most welcoming in the world. When you arrive, introduce yourself to a fellow attendee and you’ll likely make a new friend to meet up with for the duration of the conference. Still hesitant? Email our guy Wes Sovis, he’ll be at the convention and will be more than happy to introduce you to some of his contacts so you don’t have to eat lunch by yourself.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the opening keynote to start thinking about how you’ll use your time at the conference. Come with your speaking and education tracks planned out so you don’t miss any presentations you were dying to see. You should definitely download the conference app, it has the full conference schedule, plus tons of extra information on networking opportunities, lunch and dinner events, and plenty more.

The organizers usually provide notebooks and pens for attendees. These aren’t just useless conference swag. Use them! I always find myself writing down book titles and authors that were referenced by the speakers, websites to be used as resources for marketing and membership help, as well as simple tips that I can take back for use with our clients. These notes will also make writing a summary to your higher-ups easier, showing them that your time spent at ASAE will add value for years to come.

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Article written by:

Wes Sovis

Business Development Manager