Association Connection: Consultation, Strategy, and Execution

It’s all about you!

As a consumer magazine publisher, our clients have sought us out because they need assistance with their magazine publishing. Then, over time, our clients discover that many of our “other” skills would benefit them greatly. Because of the depth and investment in our industry-leading subscription marketing skills and technologies, this has been a groundbreaking service for our association clients.

Our direct marketing and e-marketing tools and techniques were honed on our magazine business first: Now they are utilized to serve many of our 30 association clients. Then, with our online and digital printing capabilities, we’ve been assisting our clients in providing business development services for their members. We’re helping our associations increase their value proposition with little or no cost. The core needs we hear from associations – and through industry feedback – are all related to revenue development. These needs include:

  • We need to increase the number of members.
  • We need to improve our renewal rate of members.
  • We need to improve the satisfaction of our members.
  • We need to increase the activity of our members.
  • We need to increase our value to our members.

If you are an Association Executive, could your membership renewal process be improved? Could your new member marketing be upgraded? Do you know if your current methods are working? Could your magazine provide greater value your members? Do you have affiliates or advertisers for whom you would like to provide marketing services? Do you have a solid digital marketing strategy for your suppliers? Would you like to investigate providing new value-added services for your members? VP Demand Creation Services will help you answer all of these questions!

“the Team”

When speaking with one prominent Lansing, Michigan, association executive, we asked, “Which version of iMIS Software do you employ?” And, she responded, “The oldest version they will support.” So we asked why: “Because I don’t have the mechanic to make the transition. It [membership marketing] takes ‘a team,’ and I can’t afford ‘a team.'”

This executive went on to explain that she needs an I.T. “Mechanic” to connect the database to her website – to make sure the transactions occur accurately and securely – and a promotions manager, a graphics specialist, a database manager, and a membership call center. Larger associations might be able to fill all of these roles, but many smaller associations cannot. And, that’s where Village Press provides “the Team,”affordably, for our clients. Here’s the core of our association team:

Steve Smith
Director, Business Development Services – Associations

Jake Smith
Publishing Director & Senior Manager, Business Development
Services – Associations

Jordan Scott
Manager of Marketing and Business Development – Associations

Andy LePere
I.T. Director & Senior Project Manager, Business Development Services

Sandy Councell
Database Manager, Business Development Services

Gretchen Christensen
Advertising Business Development Manager
Metalworking Magazines, Associations & Affiliates

Mike McCatty
Promotions Development Manager, Business Development Services

Jill LaCross
Website Editor, Business Development Services