Membership Renewal

Association goals: Increase dues revenue, strengthen membership, improve satisfaction, increase activity, increase engagement, and add value!

Membership renewal campaigns designed by VP’s Association Connections execute and test multi-media renewal campaigns with the right messages, the right targets, and the right timing to improve engagement and response.

There is an optimal sequence to attract new readers and members, which lowers overall cost and improves response and pay-up, and we help our publishing and association clients discover their optimal formula. We’ll show you, and show you the ROI.

Our director of publications and assistant director of publications are biologists as well as marketing experts. They’ve taught us that there is a science to the renewal process. In other words, the methodology, testing, and reporting are all critical to success.

We conduct research and surveys, write copy, design and execute direct and email marketing pieces individually and as a series; we develop promotions – some of them we use ourselves and are well-tested but we also come up with new strategies – to get your members back; we do printing, ink jetting, variable data printing, insert mailing, tracking, dashboard reporting, and results analysis. Yes, we provide it all.