Think Enterprise

VP Demand Creation Services uses an industry standard, enterprise-level database system (Microsoft SQL Server) with virtually limitless capacity, managed by a team of database professionals with training and demonstrated expertise consistent with our customers’ needs for data integrity and security. It’s called THINK!

As a subscription-driven publisher, our data and transactions are highly secure. We apply the same systems and procedures to protect our clients’ data. Our association clients’ membership data and transaction integrity are treated with the same level of importance as our own data. Our foodservice client data are all housed under our strict standards of organizational control, as well.

Association Management Software – including iMIS – are not agile marketing platforms because… They can’t deliver the reporting and knowledge associations must have.

For instance, can your software tell you your e-mail open rates, click-through rates, response and pay-up rates? If you test different days of the week, times of day, and alternative copy, do you know which one delivered best?

VP Data Management Services can sync with legacy databases, maintain membership in THINK, maintain membership outside of THINK, provide regular data cleansing with NCOA, postal standardization, deceased processing, mail compliance, de-duping, e-mail verification, list management, and reports.

VP Demand Creation Services circulation/membership management system, THINK Subscription, is utilized by its customers on a fee-per-month basis charged as monthly Software as a Service (SaaS) Fees, monthly Website Technology and Support (WTS) Fees and any applicable variable transactional charges.

The SaaS supports the programming expertise required for the system to meet current and anticipated customer needs. THINK Subscription is an enterprise application and is supported in response to ongoing technical innovation in the industry, customer demand, and continuous business process improvements. The SaaS helps fund the required technical expertise to meet these ongoing client requirements and security standards.

The WTS supports the required hardware, software, and internet services that form the infrastructure of hosting the THINK system. Examples are updates/upgrades for hardware, software and internet services; data/file storage and off-site backups; internet bandwidth capacity and optimization; servers and hardware replacement and repair, etc.