Aviation Group

ABS magazine

• 9,000 Print Distribution to the Entire ABS Worldwide Membership
• Digital Available on ABS Website to All Members

This is the official publication of the American Bonanza Society. It is published monthly for the benefit of 9,000 + members who are Bonanza and Baron owners and Beechcraft enthusiasts. The editorial thrust is toward informing the readership of safety practices, technical support, procedures, new products, flying techniques, trips, and club news.

Website: www.bonanza.org

Cirrus Pilot

• 4,900 Print Distribution to the Entire COPA Worldwide Membership
• Digital Available on COPA Website to All Members

Cirrus Pilot is the bi-monthly magazine of C.O.P.A. (Cirrus Owner Pilot Association). Sent to the 5,000 + members of COPA, worldwide, the magazine is written by and for Cirrus Aircraft owners, with ad sales and production based at Village Press. As with our other aviation organization publications, the magazine offers useful information regarding the operation, maintenance, safety, and enjoyment of their special aircraft.

Website: www.cirruspilots.org

Comanche Flyer

• 1,800 Print Distribution to the Entire ICS Worldwide Membership
• Digital Available on ICS Website to All Members

This is the official monthly membership publication of the International Comanche Society where over 1,800 copies are distributed internationally, every month. Editorial coverage includes member spotlights, maintenance tips, safety issues, trips taken and upcoming fly-ins, and club news.

Website: www.comancheflyers.com

King Air

Controlled Circulation
• 4,900 Print Distribution, North America
• 5,500 Digital, Worldwide

The King Air magazine is the monthly publication dedicated to the most successful series of turboprop aircraft ever built. Circulated on a controlled basis to the owner/operators of King Air aircraft, worldwide, the high quality publication presents to its readers a full spectrum of informative detail regarding technical maintenance and operations of their aircraft, colleague and business profiles, news from the aircraft manufacturer and a discussion of aviation issues that could affect readers. Not only a must read for King Air aficionados but for any pilot or aviation enthusiast with an eye for the best.

Website: www.kingairmagazine.com

Twin & Turbine

Controlled Circulation
• 16,300 Print Distribution, North America
• 31,500 Digital, Worldwide

Twin & Turbine is a leading general aviation magazine solely focused on the accomplished owner-pilots who own and fly cabin-class twins, turboprops and jets for business and pleasure. The magazine covers a wide range of topics such as medical, tax, finance options, new and out-of-production aircraft reviews, new avionics/technology reviews, training, insurance, operational knowledge and piloting skills. Additionally, a special section titled Jet Journal focuses specifically on owner-flown jets, providing in-depth content on aircraft reviews, operations, maintenance, safety and training. This magazine is published 12 times per year.

Website: www.twinandturbine.com


• 1,000 Print Distribution Worldwide
• Digital Available on MMOPA Website to All Members

MMOPA Magazine is the flagship publication of the Malibu/Mirage Owners & Pilots Association (MMOPA), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interests and safety of owners and pilots worldwide who fly PA-46 (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, JetPROP and Matrix) aircraft. As the premier member benefit, the magazine is a valuable resource on the safe, efficient and professional operation of the PA-46, as well as a tool for connecting members, sharing experiences, and enhancing the ownership experience.

Website: www.mmopa.com


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