Business Development Services Team

At VP Demand Creation Services, we don’t employ salespeople. We employ Business Development Managers. This distinction is very important. We aren’t selling our customers something that’s “nice to have” or a solution that doesn’t quite fit. We are helping them diagnose challenges and opportunities, and we are finding solutions. In many cases, with our Business Development Team, we have many of the answers, and/or the market-testing methodology to uncover the correct path. Here’s our team:

Dave Moore, President & Co-Owner, Business Development Services, Village Press

Scott Lizenby, CFO & Co-Owner, Business Development Financial Services, Village Press

Steve Smith, Director, Business Development Services – Associations

Jake Smith, Publishing Director & Senior Manager, Business Development Services – Associations

Jordan Scott, Manager of Marketing and Business Development – Associations

Andy LePere, I.T. Director & Senior Project Manager

Matt Kenny, Central & Western Regional Manager

Terry Stillin, Eastern & Central Regional Manager

Sandy Councell,
Database Manager

Gretchen Christensen, Business Development Manager, Metalworking Magazines, Associations & Affiliates

Katie Rollert, Business Development Manager, Sporting Dog Magazines, Associations & Affiliates

John Shoemaker, Business Development Manager, Aviation Magazines, Associations & Affiliates

Melissa O’Brien,
Senior Support Manager

Mike McCatty, Promotions Development Manager

Heather Farago, Redemption & Loyalty Program Manager