Association Services

Many “consultants” espouse “non-dues revenue” development. As a consumer magazine publisher, one of our core strengths is circulation or membership revenue development. Let’s talk about how we can help you with Dues Revenue development! Let us help develop your top line!

Village Press helped Quail Unlimited increase its membership by thirty-five percent in six months.
-Steve Smith, Senior Business Development Manager – Associations
VP Demand Creation Services

Also, with one of our prominent associations, our advertising sales growth was so robust, advertising surpassed dues revenue as the #1 revenue source for the association. We assumed collection and receivables responsibilities, too, and reduced the outstanding receivables and bad debt expense.

We’ve developed viral and direct mail marketing initiatives for our associations’ affiliates and suppliers, helping them grow their business, too. One prominent association directed us to their insurance affiliate to help them grow.

Finally, our business development skills extend to providing services for the association’s members, too. Our on-demand printing skills can be plugged into the association websites. Imagine a dental association where the dentist-member can develop and mail a postcard promoting his new teeth whitening service. Or, where a realtor can go on-line, upload a photo, and develop a postcard promoting an open house for a targeted mailing of potential buyers. Imagine a boat dealer who can do the same thing to promote his boat show.

The business development possibilities are endless when your supplier network includes companies such as VP Demand Creation Services, with our deep and robust marketing tools.