This past week, I had the opportunity to attend HP’s Dscoop for Marketing and Creatives in Dallas, Texas. (In case you didn’t know, we recently installed an HP Indigo 12000, taking our clients capabilities in print and direct mail pieces to the next level.)

The Dscoop committee recently developed an academia program for college students across North America to network with print professionals. Throughout the conference, there were educational sessions building up to a showcase presentation where three college students shared their ideas on how they’d use print to change the world. We’re not talking about recycling wasted paper, or becoming more conscious when selecting substrates, or paper stock. We’re talking about ideas that will change lives, industries, and the way we do business.

The Presentations

The first presenter was from an Arizona-based university. His idea was to use all five senses to create a more memorable experience. The presenter used Arizona’s lack of rain to lay the foundation for his invention. For example, he suggested adding an after-rainfall scent to banners that could hang in an organization. The student also proposed the idea of using 3D printers to create on-demand parts for downed machines – reducing print downtime from days to an hour.

The second student from a California-based university took “change the world” to a whole new level. She used this as a challenge to try to save the world with a solution she called “lifecase.” Recognizing that more than one million people live without electricity, she created a brief case-sized solution. On a box of cardboard, solar panels attached to the outside were used to power a battery inside the box. This battery could be used to charge a cell phone or lights.

The third presentation was from a student from a South Carolina-based university who wanted to help his aging family members and the appliance industry. His idea was to use a near-field communication chip, printed with digital technology substrates, to allow users to scan their appliances, like a refrigerator, when they need to make a manufacturing claim with an app on their smart phone.


What’s my point?

Often times, people say print is dead and don’t see the value. But in fact, print is very much alive, more alive than it has probably ever been. And Millennials are seeing the value in its capabilities and its potential to change the way we not only do business, but impact the world, too.

We’re no longer living in just a CMYK world. We have access to new inks – white, fluorescents, and silver. We’re able to print on dark and metallic substrates. We’re able to give images 3D effects with raised technologies. We’re able to use barcodes on labels that can connect to apps and create an experience outside of print itself. The possibilities are endless.

How are you going to change your world with print? What kind of benefits could you create for your members? Could you increase your renewal rates with out of this world direct mail pieces? How could you redesign the cover of your publication to incorporate the senses? Comment below!

Article written by:

McKenzie Decker

Marketing Manager