VP Demand Creation Services Offers Content Generation Services

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (November 30, 2018) — A leader in membership marketing execution, VP Demand Creation Services (formerly Village Press, Inc.) is pleased to announce it has expanded its service offerings to include content generation services for digital platforms. This service evolved from nearly 50 years of experience writing and editing for more than 30 enthusiast magazines and association publications, newsletters, emails, and other communication vehicles.

“In today’s social media world, being an expert or ‘thought leader,’ is critical. Establishing thought leadership via social media has become essential to serving our markets,” shares VP Demand Creation Services President and CEO Dave Moore. “Imagine Land Rover taking to social media without leading the conversation in automotive safety. Imagine the Sierra Club serving its members on social media without being an expert in environmental trends and conservation.  Imagine our own client, the United Motorcoach Association, posting to social media without being an expert in tourism and transportation.” Moore adds, “We help our clients create thought leadership in print and on social media.”

McKenzie Decker, marketing manager at VPDCS, states, “Adding content generation to our service offering was an easy solution to our clients’ growing needs. Recognizing that digital content is now required of a solid marketing strategy helped us fill a tremendous gap for our prospects and clients. We’re thrilled to be expanding on our expertise!”

From managing an omnichannel experience to managing social media accounts, VP Demand Creation Services can help develop and execute the strategy needed to hit marketing objectives. VPDCS’s content generation service offerings include the following: website creation and management, photography, managing social accounts, drafting blog posts, segmenting audiences, reporting on goals, and more.

VP Demand Creation Services is an industry-leading special interest magazine publisher, a nationally recognized fulfillment services company, a turnkey provider of outbound and inbound marketing services, and a commercial and digital printing services company based in Traverse City, MI, since 1969.

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McKenzie Decker, Marketing Manager
VP Demand Creation Services