Custom Publishing

Our association clients face many “harsh realities” in serving and communicating with their members:

  1. In our surveys, the association magazine is the single most visible and important* member benefit; (*this is not meant to diminish the important work our association clients do for their members, such as their foundations, scholarships, and lobbying efforts. This conclusion is supported by member and expired member surveys);
  2. The Communications Director, of old, managed print media for her association. Now, she manages websites, social media, and many other communication channels, and much of her publishing team is gone, or is focused on these other communication duties;
  3. A magazine takes a team, and many associations don’t have the team to deliver this important, highly visible member benefit.

“Village Press increased our ad sales in such a significant way
that publication revenues have surpassed member dues as our largest revenue source.”

-Whit Hickman, Executive Director, American Bonanza Society

Here’s where VP Demand Creation Services shines for its association clients:

  1. We are a successful consumer and trade magazine publisher. Many association magazines look like trade magazines, sometimes in need of a re-design. For the same price as a traditional design, we help our clients look like a consumer magazine, which helps develop interest, vitality, credibility, and member value;
  2. While the Communications Director responsibilities have grown, significantly, we’ve helped to soften the publication responsibilities. With Village Press, our clients have a full staff without the cost of a fully-staffed publishing department;
  3. We have “The Team”: Editorial experts, advertising representatives, ad trafficking staff, receivables, graphic designers, circulation and mailing, and membership experts.
  4. VP can help rejuvenate the most visible communication tool your members will see and touch. And, in some instances, through revenue enhancement and cost reduction, we’ve helped our clients eliminate the “drain” their magazine may cause against the general fund.