Magazine Expertise

Everybody needs socks, so why isn’t there a magazine about socks? There are tens-of-thousands of people who are passionate about their calico cats, so why isn’t there a magazine about calico cats? On the other hand, very few people, worldwide, are enthusiasts about steam engines, so why is there a successful magazine about steam engines and backyard railroading?

These are marketing questions we have to answer before launching a publication, or helping our clients launch a publication. Just because there are “lots of people” who buy socks, it doesn’t mean that people are passionate enough about the subject to be entertained and subscribe. And, just because there are lots of people who own a calico, this doesn’t mean that you can find them, even in today’s hyper-active information world. However, when you can isolate an audience and build value, and they are willing to pay for information about their “passion,” VP Demand Creation Services is world-class in helping you find and attract your audience.

  • Develop an Audience
    The big question: do the lists and resources exist to find your audience? If they exist, are they available? And, if they exist and are available, how do you get the readers’ attention and keep their attention for many, many years? We are experts in findings the solutions to these questions with many, many proven marketing techniques.
  • Create Value
    Once you’ve found the audience, are they really excited enough to pay for information regarding their hobby or passionate interest? And, once you’ve found the audience, and you have their attention and checkbook in-hand, are there suppliers who want to reach these people? This would be one area where the “Socks Monthly” and “Calicos United” might struggle. Again, answering these questions is where Village Press helps its clients avoid or minimize costly mistakes.
  • An Enthusiast Publisher
    As the world becomes a busier place, we all attach greater value and importance to our free time. And, whatever “free time” activities – a sport or hobby – we pursue, we are most likely to be “passionate” and most willing to pay for information about these activities. Boating, skiing, knitting and crocheting, wood working, flying, travel, hunting, gardening, llama ranching, model railroading, stamp collecting, computing, entrepreneurship, etc., etc., are just touching on the thousands of passions we pursue. Enthusiast publishers know how to find the audience, deliver value and, in most cases, find the suppliers who want to advertise to each of these groups.

VP Demand Creation Services is the second largest consumer publisher, behind Crain Communications, in the State of Michigan, and the largest custom publisher.

Succeeding as a publisher or custom publisher depends on a world-class team of editors, designers, website technicians, advertising sales representatives, marketers, circulation experts, and data managers. VP has the team.

By producing 10 of our magazines and over 30 custom publications for clients and associations around the country, VP Publishing has the expertise to help its clients succeed, and the experience to help them avoid costly mistakes.