Customizable POS Rolls Out

eDocBuilder by Aleyant Systems rolls out this week at VP Demand Creation Services as the new CPOS online design and variable data marketing solution. eDocBuilder is a cloud-based technology that gives sales executives, brokers, agents, and dealers of our foodservice, insurance, and law enforcement uniform and armor clients enhanced flexibility to customize sales and promotional pieces, both graphically and editorially.

“We were a pioneer in this technology over ten years ago.  Our old solution has not delivered the speed and cloud-based advantages of eDocBuilder,” explains Andy LePere, IT Director. “This new system is a great upgrade and enables clients to make the customized materials they need, both on traditional monitors and mobile devices. We are targeting the release of the mobile version for late 2015.”

The system produces print-ready, optimized PDFs through customizable or static web templates. Though the overall design of the collateral or direct mail is created according to each client’s specifications and needs, some pieces can be created intentionally for customization by users with graphics, calls to action, event information, contact information – basically, whatever a sales member needs to better communicate with their accounts and prospective accounts. Once a custom piece is created – or an off-the-shelf piece is ordered – the file is submitted to the digital press, produced, and shipped within one business day. Examples of CPOS items include: table tents, brochures, counter cards, menus, danglers, posters, banners and, on occasion, wearables.

“CPOS helps the sales executives and brokers of our clients co-brand their marketing efforts, which stands out from the crowd. Customizable print also gives them the opportunity to create greater marketing speed, to send these customized pieces faster,” explains LePere.

VP already has an arsenal of pre-determined sizes, finishes, and paper selections – including Forestry Stewardship paper stocks — to help save money and support the brand’s values. With pre-determined pieces, clients can “share” the die costs of those pieces, thereby keeping higher die costs at bay. But sometimes, a complete customization is needed to do the job; everything – graphics, size, stock, and finish – can be done upon request, providing additional value for clients who want their pieces to “pop” for particular marketing efforts or product launches.