Foodservice Marketing

VP Demand Creation Services “went to school” in foodservice marketing in 1969-1970. The Chef Pierre owners, the Dendrinos family, asked us to help them with “Point-of-Sale printing, fulfillment and redemption processing…”  Along the way, we became their photo and design studio, and ad agency, as well.  While we’re no longer an ad agency, we have expanded our footprint in foodservice marketing to create true industry leadership. We deliver unparalleled Speed and Knowledge for our clients. This results in Innovation and Cost Leadership, too.

Here are a few of our industry-exclusive services:

  • Next business day fulfillment of customizable POS;
  • Traditional and on-line rebate processing;
  • Broker co-shipping;
  • Back-order “kill date” to prevent unnecessary back-orders;
  • On-line Digital Asset Management (DAM) system;
  • On-line Sales Lead & Instant Marketing Module (SLIMM);
  • Peer-to-Peer bulletin board system to help our clients gather and share real-time knowledge with their entire sales organization.