Customer Focus Groups

VP Demand Creation Services hosts an annual Focus Group to create synergies and competitive advantages for our clients. During the Focus Group, we present the accumulation of innovations we have worked on in the past year, our current Software Innovation Plan, and brainstorm for the next year to develop a new Software Innovation Plan. Complementary Data Mining, Competitive Data Mining, and Co-Shipping have all blossomed from our Focus Group.

Our clients realize, very quickly, that VP bridges a very large gap in innovation for their marketing efforts. Through collaboration with each other and with VP, our clients speed-up the pace of innovation, and reduce the prohibitive costs of innovation.

Huge strides are taken in our Software Innovation Plan every year to meet the specific requests and creative ideas from our clients. Continuous innovation is vital, not only to increase sales, but to create marketing and selling efficiencies.

Our clients are working together – through VP Demand Creation Services – to develop synergies and competitive advantages!