Enviro-Smart Marketing

VP Demand Creation Services understands that today’s actions impact everyone’s tomorrow. With our footprint firmly in mind, we have undertaken several initiatives to ensure that our business conduct – for ourselves and our clients – will enrich the future. Through VP, our clients adhere to a very high standard of environmental conduct, and many were unaware. Well, now, we are helping them tell the story. We accumulate real, verifiable results for our clients, and publish them into a monthly dashboard. Those clients who subscribe to our dashboard are certified as “Enviro-Smart Marketers.” This certification is unique to VP, and just another example of our forward-thinking approach.

We implemented this in a comprehensive Sustainability Scorecard to help our customers meet the criteria to be certified as an Enviro-Smart Marketer. Our clients were already doing the hard work involved with environmental responsibility. We just help them gather the data so they can tell their story.