Foodservice Marketing Knowledge: Real Time Reporting

Our marketing clients have an advantage: Knowledge. The underlying database structure of our fulfillment, customizable POS and redemption systems allows our clients to view their transactions, their web users, and their inventory items up-to-the-second with real time reporting. Our exhaustive suite of reports is part of our “base system,” included in the set-up of our websites.

Information, not data

Each of our clients’ stakeholders in marketing, sales management, broker management, finance, channel management, product and SKU management, and rebate management need information presented in different ways, for completely different reasons, and our suite of real-time reports provides this information. And, the reporting is perpetual. If you want to see a promotion from two years ago, or you are re-printing a promotion from six months ago, and want to know how many were ordered, the information is there. Always. If a sales rep or broker leaves a territory, and the new broker needs the promotional archive to serve your operators, we have the information.

Custom Reports

We developed a custom set of reports for our clients to access broker data, fast-moving items, order history, broker spending, and much, much more. We develop custom reports for our clients on many occasions. And, if the development is significant, we ask our other clients if they would like such a report, too, and we “co-develop” it to help spread the cost.

That’s how low-cost innovation happens… at VP Demand Creation Services.