Foodservice Marketing Leverage

VP Clients are Lower-Cost Marketers

Here are some high-level examples of the unparalleled strategic, innovative value you’ll find at VP Demand Creation Services:

  • At our annual Customer Focus Group (CFG), our clients tell us which services to build, and VP develops them. Then, we roll these innovations out to our client base at a fraction of the cost of developing these initiatives on their own.
  • Our Broker Co-Shipping innovation allows our clients, with common brokers, to ship their fulfillment items together and split the costs. The savings is significant, and the brokers love aggregating their orders: fewer orders, fewer receives, fewer cartons, and lower costs. It’s all good.
  • We help our clients develop lower-cost leads, as they can share their redemption data to identify cross-selling opportunities.
  • As we develop new reports for our clients, we incorporate these into our standard suite of reports, to reduce the on-going cost for all of our marketers.