Sales Lead and Instant Marketing Module (SLIMM)

Our patent-pending Sales Lead & Instant Marketing Module (SLIMM) is an add-on feature to our current fulfillment websites. We were asked, in our annual Customer Focus Group, to develop a better lead management process for our clients. Well, we’ve built something truly revolutionary.

Our clients didn’t need another contact management system. But, what they do need is an instant marketing system where their kits and sales collateral and digital assets – videos, cuttings, recipes, images, presentations, rebate offers – can be fulfilled to the operator with one-touch. Combining lead management, and fulfillment assets, speeds-up the selling process in a big, big way. And, it’s available only at VP Demand Creation Services.

This custom functionality includes real-time actionable functions including interactive sales lead maps and a full suite of reporting. This is the only all-encompassing workbench of its kind available for brokers and sales reps to comprehensively locate, track, attack, and manage sales leads and instant lead follow-up!

Just call, and ask us for a demo! And, there’s a warning label with this demo… You won’t want to go back to your old lead management system!