Third-Party Supplier (i3ps) Relationships

While world dominance is our objective, we aren’t surprised that our clients use other vendors. However, we help consolidate the Knowledge of every transaction. Here’s how: Our clients place their equipment, wearables, banner products, etc., for ordering on our websites. We process the order and gather the information in our real-time suite of reports. We process the order through the independent third-party supplier (i3ps), and report accordingly. We coordinate the shipping documentation so the recipient knows that our shipment is “1 of 2″ and the i3ps shipment is”2 of 2.” This is a crucial step so the operator knows he/she was not shorted when a partial shipment arrives first.

Here are some of the typical i3ps relationships we manage for our clients:

  1. Wearables
  2. Banners – Static & Customizable
  3. Equipment
  4. Menu Boards
  5. Packaging