Website and Transaction Management

VP Demand Creation Services is a total fulfillment business solution. We fulfill many types of orders and programs: POS, premiums, sample programs, lead response management, sales promotions and contests, points-based loyalty programs, and operator, distributor and broker redemption programs. The “key” to fulfillment, though is transaction management, and this happens with tremendous efficiency because of our best-in-class fulfillment website technologies. Here are a few industry-first features:

  1. Each item and user has an “access level,” so each user can only see and order the items you want them to see. Once the set-up is complete, the transactions are self-administrating.
  2. Each user can have a “role.” You can conduct regional campaigns, or brand-specific or product-specific marketing programs, and only those users with defined roles would be able to see and order these items.
  3. Our Digital Asset Management module allows our clients to merge their off-the-shelf and co-branded print transactions with their digital assets, as well. You can fulfill presentations, images, videos, links, etc., with our system.
  4. Our patent-pending Sales Lead & Instant Marketing Management (SLIMM) system allows our clients to fulfill practically anything – off-the-shelf, customizable programs, or digital marketing – directly to their prospects and clients.
  5. Our Peer-to-Peer bulletin board (BBS) is a terrific communication tool for marketing and sales leaders to create higher levels of secure, on-going marketing and sales conversations with your sales force. Our clients have greater “street knowledge” with systems such as Peer-to-Peer.
  6. Our shopping cart technology is revolutionary in its functionality. Ask us how you can manage back orders, future orders, credit card and redemption processing in our cart.
  7. Our clients have greater marketing knowledge with our real-time reporting.
  8. Most of our clients utilize our Customizable P.O.S. feature in order to provide exciting co-branding opportunities for their customers. These files, once customized, are delivered instantly to our digital presses.

, our clients are looking to create greater excitement, and well-defined sales behavior, with their fulfillment websites. We deliver like no one else in the industry.