The Four D’s – and What They Mean for Your Business

Discover, Diagnose, Design, Deliver – That’s VP’s Approach to Business Development

Traverse City, MI—VP Demand Creation Services’ wide array of skills and experience makes it perfectly suited to assist associations with some part of their business to some degree. More and more associations are facing challenges and are on the lookout for solutions. VP sees these challenges as goals, because of our past expertise in these common problem areas:  locate potential new members, improve retention rate, improve member satisfaction, improve magazine design, and develop multi-media renewal programs.

Before planning how to meet these challenges, VP performs its revolutionary association “health check” to more deeply understand an association’s mission, how the association operates, and to find potential roadblocks. “We often hear from associations: ‘We’re not sure what’s working and what’s not; we do not have the resources on staff to best do this; we don’t have the information or proper data to do this.’ The time we spend on the health check looks to answers these questions so that an association can move forward more productively,” explains Wes Sovis, Marketing & Business Manager.

It’s a four-step process what we like to call the Four D’s:

  1. Discover
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Design
  4. Delivery

“The Discovery and Diagnosis process is assessing the current state of all aspects of the association and their effectiveness,” says Sovis. These two steps occur simultaneously. A report is then provided to the association, with a list of recommendations, and then projects are chosen to Design and Deliver – the strategy, accompanying pieces, and reporting. Many associations choose to use VP for design, printing, and mailing services also in these stages.

“Paying attention to the small details, and measuring them, makes all of the difference in an optimized promotion strategy and overall business growth,” says Sovis.

About VP Demand Creation Services

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