Naveego Marketing Management Solution

A New Dimension for Your Data. A New Outlook for Your Association.

Naveego is a powerful integrated marketing management tool that assembles data from multiple sources and transforms it into graphic, intelligible displays.

  • For Executive Directors – Easy, efficient, and presentable association-wide intelligence improves transparency and communication with your Board of Directors, and empowers membership and marketing decision-making.
  • For Membership Directors – Measuring how you acquire new members, how they engage with your organization, and how these factors effect renewals and attrition will enable you to target your effort where it matters most. Leading to more satisfied and valuable members.
  • For Marketing Directors – As marketing channels continue to grow and bridge digital and physical worlds, tracking the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions becomes an extremely complex task. Naveego specializes in uniting those disparate channels into a simple online interface, and provides the metrics you need to make informed decisions.

This white paper outlines a few key actions your association can take to better optimize membership marketing initiatives with data, along with one to avoid, within the context of integrated marketing management (IMM). These are not intended as step-by-step instructions. Instead, consider them best practice guidelines for setting your association up for success.

This white paper covers each of these areas in-depth:

  • Benefits of a data-driven culture
  • Support your business objectives
  • Get the house in order
  • Responsible data management
  • Avoid incomplete decisions

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