What to Watch Part 1: Print Trends in 2019

Over the next year (and into the foreseeable future), print will continue to evolve tremendously. While some put the exile on print in their marketing strategies, others use it to their advantage to break the digital clutter. If you’re still a believer in print like we are, check out these 2019 print trends that will keep you ahead of the game.

Data-driven marketing

Big data is a big deal. But how you use that data is an even bigger deal. Whatever your industry, using your database(s) as a strategic tool will be key to incorporating personalization to your marketing pieces. Create a personalized offer based on past purchases (we’ve done this for our foodservice redemptions clients) or design a personalized annual giving/ask campaign with the amount given last year set as the benchmark for this year’s giving. Using variable data and images create uniqueness in your marketing efforts. Data is at the heart of an omni-channel strategy and the future of print lies in mass customization on the production side – but your recipients feel like it’s directed to them personally.

Omni-channel communication

By the end of 2019, 30 percent of internet users are expected to be using some sort of online advertisement blocker. What does that mean for marketers? Messages are being lost in cyberspace! This year, it will be critical to tie your digital efforts with your print efforts so that recipients experience multiple touches and a consistent message regarding your campaign. Consider sending a postcard with a PURL (personalized URL) or redemption code to a landing page to track your efforts and buyer journey. This keeps your message in a mailbox and out of the spam folder!

Paper and substrates

The good news: Substrate options continue to grow. Whether it’s vinyl, wood, cardboard, or metallic, the opportunity to be creative with paper types and textures is at an all-time high. Black substrate allows for white ink – offering a sophisticated and professional look without saturating your page with black ink.

The bad news: As mentioned in a previous blog post, there is a serious paper contraction going on in the current market – especially for publishers. Paper is in short supply; printers are buying more than necessary; and, as expected with this shortage, prices are rising.

Digital print technologies

Digital print will continue to bring momentum and rock the marketing mix. Digital presses and technology (like the Indigo press at VPDCS) can offer a wide variety of capabilities that will get your message across. Consider these following trends:

  1. Use metallic inks. Silver and gold inks can give you that extra high-end touch to your printed piece.
  2. Fluorescent inks. These stand out! While this capability is still fairly new, we should see more colors being added regularly.
  3. White ink. It’s perhaps one of the coolest and most underutilized capabilities that digital print has to offer. Use white ink to help your image pop, or create double-sided static clings.

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Article written by:

McKenzie Decker

Marketing Manager