What Do Readers Like About Just Labs?

Just Labs May/June 2012

After asking our readers, we determined that no one can agree on the best part of Just Labs.  There is something for everyone in every issue, whether you are looking for pure entertainment or searching for informative articles to help raise your Labrador.  Pick up an issue today to discover your favorite part of Just Labs!


“…The subscriber photos are always a hoot, the articles are wonderful. The “In Tribute” has a special place in my heart, because this magazine did publish my story of our wonderful Lab, Tyler. And my husband and I love looking for the hidden tennis ball….” – Melinda, California


“My husband and I love your magazine!  We love the mix of stories, tributes, and subscriber photos but also the ever important training tips and medical/dog care information.  It is just the right balance of entertainment and education, and I have to say neither of us has a favorite part. We love the whole thing.  Keep up the good work!”- Jim and Laurie, New Hampshire


“I especially enjoy the photos and the stories people tell about their Labs, whether it be in memory of their beloved Lab that went over the rainbow bridge, heroic moments that their Labs presented, or just a general story that shows how much and why they love their Labs ….”-Diane, Pennsylvania


“I would subscribe to this magazine for the pictures alone!  I love to open it every month to see the photos.  I also enjoy the human interest stories, for example how Labs are assisting in so many services and how people have bonded with their Labs.  I read the training articles with interest, although I admit my own pooch is not a highly trained animal – just a sweetie with basic good manners. That’s my two cents.”- Diane, Oregon