What’s New at VP Demand Creation Services

2019 is shaping up to be a banner year for all of us here at VP. From growing readerships for a host of our own publications, to an increase in printing impressions and helping to launch one of the largest membership groups in the Midwest, it’s been an extremely exciting and productive time for us and our clients.

Making this year even more special is the fact that we’re celebrating our 50th year of innovation in 2019. It’s been a thrilling conversion from a small commercial printer to nationally-recognized consumer magazine publisher, leaders in the fulfillment industry, and marketing powerhouse over the last five decades. 

So, what are we excited about for 2019 and beyond? Let’s take a look!

New Faces at the Company

Our employees are far and away the most valuable part of our company, and we’ve been blessed to have some of our longest-serving employees leave to enjoy well-deserved retirements. While we’ll miss our beach-bound colleagues, it’s meant we’ve had the good fortune to recruit new employees to join our editorial staff, customer service departments, and our collation teams to not only replace staff, but to grow our teams to meet increasing demand from clients. 

New employees mean an infusion of new ideas and new perspectives; all of which help us become more efficient in our workflow and help us think about the big picture of our business.

In an age where some companies are automating customer service, we’re proud to be adding to our team to deliver an exceptional, personalized experience to separate VP from the rest of companies in the verticals we work in. 

Investment in Infrastructure 

Last October, we brought a first-of-its-kind digital press to northern Michigan in the form of the HP Indigo 12000. Paired with revolutionary XMPie software, we’re bringing a level of personalization to print marketing that our clients in the association, publishing and foodservice marketing spaces could have only dreamed of prior to its implementation. This improvement in printing capabilities allows our clients to produce highly-customized, and as a direct result, highly-effective marketing pieces that are entirely data-driven. Get in touch for a demo of our new technology, so you can see how these advancements could benefit your organization. 

We’re also in the process of modernizing our internal technology to allow our employees more flexibility to work remotely. By 2020, we’ll have the necessary hardware and software in place to ensure our team can be more productive in more places. We also see this move as vital in being able to recruit the most talented employees and keep them for decades to come. 

VP views staff stability and reliability as key differentiators between ourselves and our competitors; our clients, too, prefer establishing and maintaining long relationships with our staff. Working remotely, investing in new, faster technology, and focusing on our employees’ work/life balance isn’t just smart; it gives us and our clients a competitive edge. 

It’s an exciting time to be in the marketing world, and we’re so excited about what’s to come. If you’re interested in joining our team of marketing, publishing, and fulfillment professionals, be sure to check out our Careers Page and sign up for our newsletter for the latest company news, job postings, and industry insights.