Who is VP Demand Creation Services

VP Demand Creation Services, formerly Village Press, Inc., is a fulfillment specialist, data manager, direct marketer, viral marketer, consumer and enthusiast magazine publisher, book publisher, and printing company. We meet today’s serious marketing challenges with an extraordinary variety of tools. We help our clients implement their marketing strategies — segment-by-segment, offer-by-offer, handling out-bound and in-bound marketing, across multiple media — by being a single-source marketing solution and business development provider. We produce results and create a positive ROI for our clients.

With over 40 years of experience within each of our markets, and within multiple media, we enjoy the fact that our clients’ needs are constantly changing and evolving. This perpetual need for innovation has revolutionized the way we do business, keeping us ahead of our clients’ challenges and creating lifelong value propositions for our customers.

As a result, VP is able to provide world-class deliverables to our clients, solid career opportunities to committed, qualified, customer-driven employees, and a superior return to our community and our stakeholders.