All too often, an association, brand, or company loses marketing steam due to a lack of proper visual representation of how they conduct their business and promote themselves on a day-to-day basis. VP Associations understands how important high-quality, well-composed photography and video production are to create realistic representations of services and activities for your association. Proper visual representation can play a key role in the success of your marketing efforts in many ways, including:

A Display of Emotion

Photo and video hold attention by depicting and directing the emotion present in the scene. A variety of angles, lighting, and display of the environment can all play a factor in what you are trying to bring to the audience’s attention – and how viewers interpret the image. Examples are dramatic shadows reinforcing a more serious setting, or depth of field to direct focus to objects up close while keeping those in the distance blurred. Emotion should be transparent in all of your membership marketing materials, from your association’s website to a member renewal piece.

Real vs. Stock Images

Stock images and video are a safe bet when in a pinch or providing a generic idea, such as when creating a banner image for a blog post. However, they lack the individualism that is so obvious in unique and thoughtfully created media. By creating new work and providing creative material that is fresh, uncommon, and directly tied to your association, you achieve the desired direction of the marketing campaign.

Heightened Professional Appearance

Advancements in technology, especially cell phone cameras, allow everyone the ability to capture beautiful images without any formal training or special equipment. This is especially evident when you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds. And although these platforms promote photo and video, they’ve created a sort of numbness to these forms of communication. To stand out from this influx of images, it is necessary to focus efforts on generating material that is exclusive to your identity but also maintains a certain level of quality.

Your current and prospective members need a reason to join and renew to your association; providing high-class, professional-grade visual aids help guide their eyes in the intended direction (such as joining or renewing). This goes much further than simply owning professional equipment as well. By taking the time to hire a trusted professional, you will see that the composition, concept and final product stand out from the rest and speak for themselves.

A Lasting Impression

All of this boils down to one simple idea: making a lasting first impression. Whether it’s to showcase your benefits, highlight a particular event, or feature legislative efforts, photo and video can create a stronger connection with all your association has to offer. Visuals evoke an emotional response, “speak” loudly about your association without using words, and show how you value professionalism. They say a lot. Make sure they say the right thing.

Article written by:

Nate Revard