American Bonanza Society

New Member Acquisition

“Everything VP Demand Creation Services helps American Bonanza Society do enhances our reputation and our ability to be an industry partner.”

Thomas Turner, Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation

The Challenge

As membership declined, in large part to an aging membership who no longer flew, the Society wished to reach new people purchasing these planes. Simple direct mail offers to cold prospects, however, were meager at best, so the Society needed an alternative solution and better prospects.

The Solution

A trial-membership program for people actively inquiring about the Society was developed so that someone could “sample” some of the member benefits. American Bonanza Society’s (ABS) popular monthly magazine was used as a way to introduce a prospective member to the Society and its mission, and as a delivery mechanism for the invoice.

The Results

In the first year of the program, one issue and invoice were given, producing a fair conversion rate; in the second year, another issue and invoice were added, increasing the conversion rate by five percent; a third issue and invoice were added the following year, increasing the conversion rate yet again, this time by nine percent.

13 Years
Average Length of Membership

Lifetime Value per Member

Average Trial Membership Conversion

Lifetime Value of Trial Program Group