VP Demand Creation Services Launches Customized Rebate Web Services

For Immediate Release

February 20th, 2017

Traverse City, Michigan: Frequently our clients ask, “What if there was a way…” At VPDCS, we love to answer those questions!

Our clients wanted a customized rebate portal where sales and brokers could meet with their key clients and create customized deals to fit their menus. We’ve created the portal where your products are specified in a drop-down menu, your allowed rebate options are pre-populated, and a deal can be created with a high-value operator in a matter of minutes.

We’d love to demonstrate this new tool, describe the underlying safeguards and processing protocols, and help your sales team create greater traction and market share in each sales call.

If this breakthrough might fit into your selling process, contact your VPDCS Client Success Team. We deliver continuous innovation and we would love to work with you!