Meet VP: Luana Dueweke


Graphic Designer. Mother. Volunteer.

What makes this Queen of Longevity tick?

Luana Dueweke started at Village Press on January 30, 1977. That’s closing in on four decades – a long time to do any one thing for a living. But Luana has remained at the top of her game as a graphic artist. Her responsibilities include designing for multiple magazines, investment groups, and non-profits. She’s been in the business since before the PDF, so it’s safe to assume she’s seen and done it all.

How can anyone do one job for 40 years?

“It’s certainly not mundane!” says Luana. Her job has always been changing. Every day is different; every job, every magazine has its own challenges – and successes. It’s this variety that has kept her interested in her profession and her creative juices flowing.

When the first Macintosh computer arrived in the art department in the mid-1980s, Luana received training, and it made a huge impact on her role within the company. Embracing the new technology was a blessing, as it sped up the printing process of the magazines exponentially.

What drives you to do your best?

Luana is motivated to help customers achieve their goals. She once helped a customer create reprints of his paintings for distribution under less than perfect circumstances. The customer was deaf, so the communication was somewhat slow at first. But through patience, the two developed a way of communicating in order to get the paintings reprinted and the customer’s work into a local gallery. Seeing her customer’s paintings in the gallery gave a special sense of satisfaction to Luana. “I’m fortunate to get that feeling so often from my work,” she says.

What happens outside the office?

Luana likes to help others outside of work as well. After Katrina hit New Orleans, she spent a week rebuilding houses in the area with other members of her church. “We got more out of it than the people we were helping, really. It’s just such a positive feeling to help others.”

Luana was on the party planning committee for her high school reunion parties, and remains the class’s web designer. In her free time, Luana enjoys spending time with her family, including two grandchildren.

Fast Facts about Luana

  • VP Employee Since: January 30, 1977
  • Art Director for: Cirrus Pilot, King Air, Home Shop Machinist, Live Steam, Washtenaw County Medical Society
  • Education: Graduated from Ferris State University in 1973 with degrees in Commercial Art and a B.S. in Advertising
  • Family: Married, mother of two, grandmother of two