VP Demand Creation Services Officially "Processor-free" in Platemaking Process

For Immediate Release

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (August 21, 2018) – VP Demand Creation Services (formerly Village Press), which specializes in fulfillment and marketing execution, is pleased to announce “We are now officially ‘processor-free’ in our prepress and platemaking process,” according to Dave Moore, President & CEO. Congruent with the rapid evolution of print over the years, a 100 percent processor-less platemaking marks a new era. VPDCS’s investment in a new platesetter and FUJI printing plates represents their longstanding commitment to serving clients with environmental stewardship and efficiency.

Traditionally, printing plates are exposed to high power lasers to develop an image on the printing plate. What is not exposed is washed off with chemistry and brush rollers, which ultimately leaves an image behind to accept ink on press.  “Our new plate setter eliminates the final chemistry step in the platemaking process from our workflow and client work. This investment improves our environmental stewardship and eliminates a step in the process,” states Ken Kingsley, VPDCS’s prepress expert.

VP Demand Creation Services is an industry-leading special interest magazine publisher, a nationally recognized fulfillment services company, a turnkey provider of outbound and inbound marketing services, and a commercial and digital printing services company based in Traverse City, Michigan, since 1969.

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McKenzie Decker, Marketing Manager
VP Demand Creation Services