Technology moves forward, and nowhere more so than in the printing industry. So, for worry-free and snag-free results, here are the things we require to be able to do the best job with your electronic file – and your business.


We strongly encourage our customers to supply files in PDF format. All pages can be included in one PDF. However, we do require that pages be supplied in single page format (not printer or reader spreads). Call our prepress department if you have any questions.

Export Settings

As for PDF export settings, we can supply you with a file that you will load. If you want to set up your own, start by using the Hi Rez for Print export setting, Standard set to none, Compatibility should be at least Acrobat 6. Under Marks & Bleed, only use crop marks with an offset of 9p (.125″), and bleed 9p (.125″). Under the Output tab, the options should be No Color Conversion and Do Not Include Profiles.

Once again, if you have any questions, please call (800) 773 7798 and ask for our prepress department. You’re also welcome to read our Ad Submission Guidelines (below).

Submitting Files

To submit files, please contact your assigned Client Success manager for a OneDrive link.


Full page trim size: 8-1/8˶ x 10-3/4˶
See ad sizes on rate card


No extra charge on full pages. Trim size 8-1/8˶ x 10-3/4˶. Keep live matter 1/4˶ from edges. Be certain to include 1/8˶ bleed imagery. Total image area should be 8-3/8˶ x 11˶. There is no need to add registration marks manually. The automatic crop mark feature in the page layout software is sufficient.

Accepted File Formats (In order of preference)

PDF: CMYK, press quality, with all fonts embedded. Acceptable PDFˊs must be created from the following programs: Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator. The quality of PDFs created with any other program cannot be guaranteed.
If you are building your file in InDesign or Quark, you can use our InDesign export.joboptions or Quark export.joboptions to create your output file. Simply download the appropriate file to your computer, load it into your PDF Export options, then use it to create your print ready PDF. This will eliminate the need to copy links and fonts to us. After you create you print ready PDF, please look it over to make sure it looks the way you want it to. If you have any troubles creating a print ready PDF file, or need help transferring your raw files, feel free to call our prepress department at 1-800-773-7798. Youˊre also welcome to read our Electronic File Submission Guide
EPS file with all fonts converted to outlines from Adobe Illustrator or Freehand. We cannot accept native Freehand documents.
Native files from the following software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop native files, .tiff, and .jpg files are acceptable however the quality of text and line art won’t be as crisp as files provided in the formats above.

Media Accepted

Large high-resolution (over 5 MB) files can be sent electronically – instructions can be found here.
If you submit your file electronically, please send a laser or higher quality proof as well. We want to ensure that our copy looks like your copy!
CD or DVD accompanied by a hard copy proof.
Please do not send negatives.


Images must be in CMYK or Grayscale.
DO NOT use RGB colors.
Color saturation should be limited to 360% or less coverage.
Please avoid use of 4-color black for fine lines and copy.
For black areas thicker than .25˶ to .5˶ a “packed-black” is suggested for better appearance. We recommend a breakdown of 50C, 40M, 40Y, 100K.

Black-and-White Ads

All black-and-white ads must be set up to output as one-color art. No color specifications should be applied to any type or art elements of a black-and-white ad. This will prevent any unanticipated screen tints from appearing in the final output.


Digital photography and scanned images must be 300 dpi (at scale).
Line art should be scanned at 600 dpi or higher.
When creating lines in your images, do not use the ˵hairline˶ line thickness (for best results use .5 thickness or higher).


Embed all fonts when submitting PDFs
Post Script fonts are preferred.
Avoid the use of True Type fonts.
At submission, remember to include all screen and printer fonts.
When practical, please convert all text to outlines.


If submitting files to us that are compressed, please send us a single archive file using either Stuff-It or Zip.

Ad Preparation Services
If the production department considers a digital ad to be incorrectly set up by the advertiser, the advertiser may correct and resubmit the ad or the advertiser may request the production department to alter the ad to meet specifications at an additional charge to be quoted. Please call the advertising director or assistant if you have any questions regarding your file setup.

Special Positions
Every effort will be made to comply with advertiser requests but special positions cannot be guaranteed. Contact the advertising director about possible premium placement rates.

Reprint Service
For more information please contact:
Betsy Beaudoin, Reprint Sales Director

A Quick Checklist
Is a proof provided at 100% scale (tiled, if necessary)?
Are the dimensions correct?
Are PDF files saved as “Press Quality”?
Are all fonts included and/or embedded? (Screen and printer)
Are all linked graphics included?
Are 4-color (process) ads specified in CMYK color space?
Are black and white ads set up as 1-color art?
For more information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please email our prepress department with any questions.