An Open Letter to Clients of VP Demand Creation Services COVID-19 Update

A Shelter-at-Home Order was issued by Michigan’s Governor effective midnight yesterday.  We reviewed the order thoroughly and sought multiple sources of advice, including the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM).  The conclusion is that we are an essential supplier to the foodservice industry as a call center, producing on-demand literature for the foodservice industry, managing websites for food companies, managing media for general aviation, and rural water and county medical associations, which are all essential for the on-going safety of our nation.

Please know we were already prepared by employing over half of our team members at home prior to the order.  Then, we split work “shifts,” by department, to aid in the safety of our employees and their families.  Next, we had the remaining, essential, on-premise employees assigned to “zones” within our facility – according to workspace and restroom facilities – again to minimize interaction.  Finally, we released our external housekeeping service to avoid external contact, and to minimize the transmission of a virus from one part of our facility to another.  Our cleaning is done by our personnel assigned to their zone.  While we are a 100-person company, these procedures have resulted in a team member working with eight people, maximum, in our most populated zone.

Due to the essential nature of our clients’ business, we are here and on-call to process orders.  We’re doing everything possible to minimize human interaction, and to keep our team members healthy.  We already were before this mandate.

If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know.  Be well.


Dave Moore, CEO and Owner

To see the official release, click here.