Who We Are

VP Demand Creation Services is an industry-leading, special-interest magazine publisher, a nationally recognized fulfillment services company, a turnkey provider of outbound and inbound marketing services, and a commercial and digital printing services company based in Traverse City, Michigan. With a customizable menu of marketing execution and manufacturing services all under one roof, we’re uniquely positioned to help you create – and keep up with – demand.

Just hit “Submit.” We’ll take care of the rest.

The digital world and the tangible world – VP Demand Creation Services has a foot planted firmly in both. We excel on the manufacturing end of the spectrum and crafting your unique execution workflow so that your items, whether digital or physical, are created and delivered according to your consumers’ and your expectations. Our capabilities with conventional and digital printing, warehousing, fulfillment, redemption processing, event asset management, customizable point-of-sale website portals, and competitive shipping and mailing services make us ready to assist you with executing vital tasks to move your business forward and operating smoothly.

Leave the nitty-gritty to us so that you can focus on more important matters.

Important matters such as growing your business. We’ve been partners with a wide range of businesses, associations, non-profits, and magazines for more than 30 years. With services that include graphic design, editing, printing, mailing, call center support, renewal and promotions execution, circulation management, data management and reporting, social media generation and management, e-mail marketing, and surveying, VP Demand Creation Services can support your efforts to find, grow, and engage your target audience so that you have happier consumers and a stronger bottom line.

How We Move the Needle

Fulfillment Center & Client Websites

Fulfill all of your marketing support needs (static, customizable, premiums, etc.) within one business day.

Digital & Conventional Printing

A full-range of print technologies to address your marketing needs and add oomph to your marketing materials.


Take out the busy work and take advantage of our warehouse space to store your fulfillment products, membership kits, or magazine issues.

Customizable Point-of-Sale

Create customized items to support your marketing and sales initiatives.

Redemption Processing

Achieve your marketing objectives with VP Demand Creation Services’s suite of redemption capabilities.

Event Asset Management

Build and track show kits while maintaining visibility to these crucial items – available on the road via mobile app.

Digital Asset Management

Efficiently manage your digital assets and control their distribution.


Industry-exclusive innovation accumulates orders from multiple websites to split shipping costs.

Business Intelligence

Develop custom reports to access organizational data such as marketing campaigns and cost savings, plus identify trends.

Mailing Services

We receive your mail list and printing specifications, and we make sure you don’t spend more than you have to at the Post Office.

Call Center

Experience support and care by our friendly, skilled service team.

Financial Transactions

Shopping cart technology that supports a variety of financial transactions, including credit card payments and points accruals.

Membership Management

Make sure your members receive their magazine issues on time and in relation to their join and expiration dates.


Need a sounding board? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s obsessing over typography, revamping a color scheme, or protecting a brand, we’re passionate and steadfast in our mindset to create fresh, innovative pieces that fit your association.

Content Marketing

Support an omni-channel experience - engage your audience by communicating through social media, newsletters, email marketing, and more.


Connect with readers across the spectrum with an eye-catching, tangible member benefit by sending them a magazine.


Provide yourself with actionable data to make informed decisions about how to add value for your target market and influence the future.

Advertising Sales

Increase your non-dues revenue sources! We offer customized solutions to fit each clients’ individual print and digital advertising objectives.

Client Focus Group

Our clients speak. We listen. Help us move the needle of our company to the direction of your marketing initiatives.

The History of VP Demand Creation Services

  • At the young age of 24, Bob Goff opens Village Press (VP) – the first large printing company north of  Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Bob Goff diversifies VP’s service offerings and ventures into the foodservice industry, designing and printing marketing material for Chef Pierre.

  • One of VP’s first in-house magazines, The Home Shop Machinist, is released.

  • VP purchases a new poly bagger. Clients now have the ability to include marketing material or a renewal notice with their publication.

  • Diversifying once again, VP branches into the association industry by securing one of their first clients, the American Bonanza Society.

  • VP moves into custom magazine publishing. Jump ahead to 2017 and VPDCS has over 30 publications!

  • Current President, Dave Moore, comes on board at VP and later purchases the company with Chief Financial Officer, Scott Lizenby.

  • The KBA, Koening & Bauer AG, 8-Color press is purchased. This press is still producing magazines today.

  • VP hits $12.5 million dollars in sales.

  • VP purchases a Nexpress, giving clients print on-demand, variable and highly customizable marketing options. The equipment was retired in 2018.

  • Once again, VPDCS makes history in Northern Michigan by purchasing an HP Indigo 12000 digital press.

  • Thanks to VPDCS’ wide array of marketing support services, for the first time in company history, revenue from marketing sales has surpassed print income.

  • Dave Moore becomes the sole owner of VP Demand Creation Services.

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